A Quick Guide to how to prepare for meeting your Divorce Solicitor for the First Time.

Having made the difficult decision to instigate divorce or dissolution proceedings or if you have been issued with divorce papers yourself, the first meeting with your lawyer is an important one. To ensure this meeting is as productive as possible it is essential you are fully prepared. Not only will this guarantee you get the maximum benefit but it will save you costs in the long term.

As a guide your solicitor will want to know the following:

Key dates:

  • When you started living together and when you got married.
  • Birth dates of you, your spouse and your children.
  • Date you separated.

Financial Information:

  • List of all assets, liabilities whether in your name or jointly with another, this will include any entitlement to a trust fund.
  • Details of all your sources of income.
  • Details of any pensions held.
  • It may also be helpful, if possible, to have an indication of your ex-partner’s financial position.

Information about Children:

  • Details of their schooling.
  • Has an agreement been reached with your former spouse to resolve the childcare arrangements? If not, details of any proposals you may have.
  • Was there any domestic violence in your relationship or do you have concerns about your safety or that of the children when they are with the other parent?
  • Details of any maintenance arrangement in place.

Final Points:

  • Separation can be an emotive time, you may find that you get side tracked on issues that ultimately have no bearing on the final divorce settlement. Use your first meeting as an opportunity to identify important issues and to stay focussed.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask what you want!