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Due to the increased mobility of families between different countries, there are often various international elements to consider.

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What areas of international family law do you frequently advise on?

At Lund Bennet Law, we frequently advise on various areas of international family law. This may include divorce proceedings, child abduction or relocation issues that have an international element.

1. Divorce jurisdiction

It is important to understand the impact of starting in one particular country when considering divorce proceedings. For example, if both parties are residents of England and Wales, then the only jurisdiction which can hear an application for divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership will be in England and Wales. However, if for example, one party is domiciled or habitually resident in another country, there may be other options available to them as to where the proceedings are commenced.  Our team of legal experts can explain the process to you in detail. You can call us on 0161 924 0079 or request a callback.

2. Finances and an international divorce

If you are considering divorce proceedings, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. This will prevent problems later and ensure the best result for your financial future. Our international family law team can advise you of all available options, including a lump-sum payment or ongoing payments, depending on your personal circumstances.

The inclusion of any foreign assets and liabilities held by yourself or your former spouse is an additional element that needs to be taken into account with an international divorce. A crucial part of the process will be to ensure that these assets, along with any debts, are taken into consideration. We can help you trace and value all foreign assets and liabilities during the divorce proceedings to ensure a fair final settlement.

3. Relocation

When considering relocation to another country, there are several issues to consider. For example, which country has jurisdiction when it comes to financial matters? Our team will be able to provide you with the right advice concerning all legal aspects involved when moving abroad after separation or divorce. We will also advise on issues regarding child care arrangements and relocation.

4. Child abduction

If you wish to relocate to another country with your children, you will need permission from all other parties with parental responsibility, i.e. the children's other parent. Should this not be the case, you will be required to apply for permission to the court.

If this has unlawfully occurred, i.e. without the consent of all other parties with parental responsibility, such as children's other parent, or the court's permission, this may be classed as child abduction, which is a criminal offence.

If your child has been abducted, you will need to understand the country's legal position where they are now living. Only once you have obtained details can your solicitor begin proceedings back in the UK.


Why should I contact Lund Bennett Law about international family law matters?

Our experienced team can help you with all aspects of family law with an international element, including divorce settlements, relocation matters or child abduction concerns. Give us a call on 0161 924 0079 to discuss your case, or leave us a message, and we will call you back as soon as we can.

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